Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Nice Rejection from Asimov's

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Getting rejections is just part of the game. I got over 50 rejections when I tried to get an agent. In fact, not a single one I mailed a letter to asked for any of my book to read. Only one publisher asked for some of my book to read when I queried them (and that publisher never responded later when I sent them 3 chapters). Ironically, the first publisher I mailed my actual book to (Windstorm Creative) said yes... a year later.

Stories are in the same boat. I've won or placed in several writing contests, but when it comes down to actually getting my stories published, I haven't had much luck. But it's always nice when an editor says something kind about your work. Here's the letter I got from Sheila Williams, editor of Asimov's Science Fiction magazine.

"Thanks for letting me see "The Boy Who Hated Water." The writing in this story is lovely, but I'm afraid the tale doesn't quite work for me. Please let me see more of your work when you have it, though."

Well, that's encouraging!

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Christopher Scott Owens said...


I remembered reading that on Critters. It was a touching fantasy set during Hurricane Katrina.

Evidently, now that you have a publication credit from a small press, it is enough to get you past the slush pile and directly to Sheila. I've never gotten past the first reader at any pro publication--still working on it!