Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Status on Jared's Surgery

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My baby, Jared, had four procedures done at the hospital yesterday. When they tried to take the breathing tube out, he wouldn't breath, so they had to keep him there all day. He was going to stay overnight, but he finally decided to breathe on his own.

He's home now but is in a lot of pain. They did surgery on his "manly area" (ouch) and worked on his ears and throat. Since he was already under, they decided to put tubes in his ears at the last minute. He's a little trooper. Last time he had these types of procedures, he was in pain for two months (He recovered faster from his heart surgery than the other surgeries). Anyway, I'm glad to have him home.

I should also mention that this month Jared has finally started to eat a little (he's 19 months old). He can now sit up from a laying-down position (with a lot of effort), although he doesn't roll over yet. And when we hold him up, he tries to walk... if he's motivated enough. It's very cute. He's in hypergrowth! I hope his surgery doesn't put an end to all of that. A year ago he was drinking from a bottle (finally) but after the last surgery on his "manly area," he never drank again from a bottle and refused to eat until just recently. He has a feeding tube in his stomach, for those of you who don't know.

We've also discovered that he'll need heart surgery again in the next year or two. That means they'll crack open his ribs again. Arrg. It sounds like he'll need several more heart surgeries until his heart stops growing. He's not out of the woods yet.

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