Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Honorable Mention at the Hollywood Book Festival!

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I had a fever for nearly a week (got up to 104 degrees), and it just ended today (I hope). Yeah, I probably should have gone to the doctor, but I had other things I had to do instead (like take my family to Sedona for a vacation). I've never been sick for so long before, so I'm glad it's over.

I just discovered that my fantasy book, Paraworld Zero, got another honorable mention this week (that's four now!). This latest one came from the Hollywood Book Festival in the "Teenage" category. Have you heard the phrase "Always a bridesmaid, but never a bride?" I feel like my book is "Always an honorable mention, but never a winner..." It's nice to be honored, but it would be nicer to... well, you know... win!

I'm going to enter my audiobook into a couple of contests next month. I really think it has a chance at winning. I won't find out until next year, of course. That's the problem with writing contests: they take forever! I entered these book contests over 6 months ago. Out of the 6 contests I entered, I received honorable mentions in 4 of them, didn't place at all in 1 of them, and am still waiting on the results on the last one. Not bad, really. I shouldn't be complaining.


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