Monday, November 10, 2008

Too tired to write anything sensible

You know you're tired when you spend 30 seconds trying to remember the name of the main character you just wrote about. AHHH! Where's my brain gone!

Looks like I'm going to Utah again at the end of this month. Hopefully, I'll get at least one school visit in before I leave. But before that, I'm heading on to Florida for the Tri County Comic Con. Should be fun. I hope to sell a lot of books.

On a totally weirdo note: I just got my 30,000th visitor today on my website: (YAHOO!).

Here's a part from my latest newsletter: "Well, a few days later, the new mickey ruptured, just like the first one! This time, my wife caught it soon enough and was able to put it back in herself to keep the hole from closing until we could get yet another button that wasn't ruptured. Anyway, it was a nightmare, but he's all right now."

November Newsletter:

Oh, the World Fantasy Convention was just wonderful. My panel was great. I talked about mystery in young adult fantasy. Here are a couple of photos of me with some famous authors. You can see more photos in my photo albums.

David Morrell (creator of Rambo) and Matthew Peterson

Matthew Peterson, Carrie Vaughn, & George R. R. Martin (NYT bestseller) 

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