Monday, January 28, 2008

Book Signings, Tours and TV/Radio Interviews

Paraworld Zero hit the top-50 bestseller list for a couple of days! Not bad for a first-time author. The past couple weeks have been very busy for me. My publicist booked 18 radio interviews back-to-back (over 5 million people heard me on the radio). NBC in Phoenix did a little blurb about Paraworld Zero (view the segment here). I was the guest blogger on a bunch of websites like I did my first solo book signing at Borders. Well over 100 people showed up, and we sold 70 books. The employees said they weren't prepared for such a large crowd and had never seen this happen before. Finally, I went to North Carolina to be the guest author at some book events at Cameron Village Library and Pomegranate Books. About 30 people showed up at each event. I was also interviewed on a Raleigh TV show called "The Artist's Craft." It will air on prime time in a few weeks, but you can watch it now online here.

My upcoming events include another TV interview in Arizona and some school events (I'm going to California next week as well). I'll be speaking to 500 kids at the first school, so that should be fun. It's a good thing I don't get nervous in front of crowds!


Anonymous said...

18 interviews? You must be tired.

Do you know if any of these interviews are streaming online? I'd like to hear them.

Matthew Peterson said...

Funny you should ask. I just got all of the interviews on CD today. I'll probably post them later this month, but one of them is online already at